Subaru Rive-Nord

4530, Ambroise-Lafortune
Boisbriand, Quebec
J7H 0E1, Canada
Phone: 1-855-328-2037
Fax: 450-419-6220

Subaru dealer in North-Shore

Subaru Rive-Nord

At Subaru Rive-Nord, you will find your next pre-owned Subaru car. Located in the North Shore, our dealer will give you access to a large inventory of pre-owned Subaru.

If you’re looking for quality, reliability and durability for your next car, Subaru is for you ! All our pre-owned Subaru in the North Shore are inspected and certified to make your purchase easier.

So, come visit us in the North-Shore and choose your next pre-owned Subaru.

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